"We are not doing any engineering Jobs but We are looking at finding someone to buy left over parts and designs, Most of these are aimed at helping Physically Challenged to be able to get around and do some exercise to stay fit. Please contact Paul if you want to know more about this project."


We design and manufacture for Bicycle Shops, Private Customers and the physically challenged.


Retail Customers;

Please use this web page for information about our products,  contact us direct through link below

Wholesale Customers; Please contact us direct with the link below



Olympicycle Engineering Design and manufacture speciality bikes for people with physical limitations, exercise equipment for paraplegics and quadriplegics.

We make it easier for you to stay fit.

We also make furnishings for bicycle shops designed to help you the shopkeeper use that expensive retail space to its full potential

This is a "Duo Tandem" were both riders have full view and pedal on the same crank but only one steers.

Ha Ha this one only goes backwards and we have never made one like this but we did with a BMX absolute madness and a lot of fun.

 We absolutely love designing and manufacturing especially when it is helping someone  to function at a higher level. Do contact us if you want to know more