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Skateboard care

Let's face it! Buying a SKATEBOARD these days can mean big bucks, so when you do looking after it can mean buying fewer skateboards in the long run. Skateboards last longer if you follow these tips:

1. Water is your skateboard’s worst enemy so keep your skateboard inside when you have finished skating. Also avoid riding your skateboard through puddles and in the rain.

2. Be sure to learn all your tricks properly. Even the highest quality decks will break if you land with your feet in the middle or extreme ends.

3. Avoid impact with hard objects such as GUTTERS, WALLS, etc as this will cause the deck to split or separate. Warranty does not cover this kind of damage.

4. Never leave your skateboard alone, they are easy to carry inside and keep an eye on it wherever you go.

5. Make sure the skateboard is correctly assembled, check out any rattles and regularly check all nuts are tight. Replace any worn part such as Nylok nuts, bearings, bushes, cushions, cup washers, etc oil bearings with recommended product to reduce friction and wear.

6. Keep your grip tape clean and replace it when wear starts to show wear.

7. Avoid riding your skateboard on particularly rough surfaces as this can be risky and increase wear on your wheels. Dusty conditions are not so good for your bearings.

8. Drop ins, Ollies and Stairs can increase impact so be sure to land with a foot on each of the trucks, as this will avoid breaking decks.

9. Watch a friend or video and run through all tricks in your mind before executing, this eliminates having to make decisions part way through the trick and reduces accidents.

10. Wear safety helmet, knee and elbow padding, always skate in a safe environment away from traffic and always with a friend just in case.

Paul Agius

Happy and safe skating from Olympicycle