Cycle Clothing as in most other sports has a reason and it is not about Fashion. So if you are buying your cycle clothing for fashion please read on as we hope to change your mind.

1. Tops,

Should be Bright for visibility and safety, they also have other reasons like wicking sweat away from the body, pockets at the lower back so rider can carry small items while riding, then you have winter tops that are designed to protect chest from getting cold when cycling in cold weather, and water proof tops for rainy weather.

2. Pants.

Colour is not so important but again there are reasons for Pants or Knicks as we call them. Padding is to improve on comfort tightness of garment is so Muscles do not get full of lactic acid, Most are made of Lycra but there are also winter ones with long legs and made from Roubaix designed to keep you warm.

3. Gloves.

Gloves come with long full finger coverage great for winter use MTB and BMX, The short finger ones we call Mittens are great for road riding as they keep your hand tight but not too hot. Most have padded palms for comfort a soft pad to wipe sweat from forehead and they should be tight again to keep your hand on the bar firm but there is also the safety factor and that is if ever you fell of a bike your hands would be the first to touch the ground and good gloves/mittens keep your skin protected when that contact is made.



Olympicycle now sells bicycle clothing that is comfortable and affordable.

Omen bicycle clothing

Uno bicycle clothing

Body Torque bicycle clothing

These brands will give you a good choice and are suitable for the casual and competitive rider, club

Photos of clothing range soon