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Fitness is a complex subject and it will take a long time to list all of what an individual has to do to get and stay fit.

 Here is a short list.

1.    Start by drinking more clear water. (Best if you filter water as a lot of chemicals are added to tap water)

2.    Make sure you do stretches at least once a week, So you must warm up with at least 20 Minutes of light exercise then do your stretches and the cool down with another 20 minutes of light exercise. This will help you perform better next time you exercise.

3.    Make sure your diet includes fresh vegetables a rough guess is equal weight to whatever the main meal is. So steak 250g then you should have 250g of vegies or salad.

4.    Weight is usually gained by eating more than the energy you use when exercising.

5.    Make sure you sleep well.

Now for some very simple ways to get fit.

1.    Whatever you are able to do, say ride a bike six blocks then you have to push yourself to 7 blocks next ride and keep increasing it either daily or weekly depending on how you feel.

2.    Cycling is one of the best ways to get fit. 

A.    Swimming and Cycling  as less impact on tissue.

B.    Running and Walking. To reduce impact run or walk on grass and never run or walk on concrete.

3.    Always ride where there is less traffic as fumes from cars will effect your lungs.

4.    Again stay hydrated. Always carry a bottle of clear clear water.