Riding Group


Riding in a Group.

Riding in a group is the best way to getting fit as you will have commitment and camaraderie to help you do that extra bit of sometimes hard work that will keep your body fit.

 But you also need to know how to keep yourself and the group safe. A lot of groups we shall call pretenders actually think they own the road. They also think they are riding in the Tour de' France. No one unless it is a closed road and properly sign posted should ride in Peloton fashion, Peloton is for long distance competitive rides where the road is blocked of so they can ride in a close group to save energy etc. So back to riding in a group.

 1.    Never ride more than two wide.

2.     Always allow at least two metres between each pair of riders.

3.    When going over a crest go into single file as you never know what is on the other side.

4.    The rear rider needs to keep an eye out for traffic and should have a rear vision mirror, that rider should yell CAR to warn the riders in front of him and they should do the same to carry message forward.

5.    When a pair of riders hear the word CAR they should do the Following. The rider on near side should slow down, Allowing the other rider to accelerate and slide into the space in front of them.

6.    All riders should signal to traffic and to fellow riders.

6 A.     Left/Right arm pointing = turning left/Right

6 B.     Pointing forward = you are going straight on round about.

6 C.    Left leg of the pedal = Stopping.

6 D.    Pointing to ground on left/Right = Pot hole / Glass / Carcass.

7.       Do not filter. why filter through stopped traffic only to have them overtake you again. This also drives drivers mad so now they are angry at you and all riders.


The bright Sparks social riding group is one of the oldest in NSW, We stick to those rules and find they work just fine. Anyone can join the group and ride but we do have an extra rule and that is that everyone has insurance cover and we suggest they take cover with Bicycle Network as the you are not only protecting yourself the group etc. You are also helping a group that looks after cyclists Australia wide.



Will get you to our Facebook page were you can also find our :Riding Buddy" Page. Here you can list your ride and someone will join you.