Safety Tips

Pre Ride Check.

Always check Tyres, Tyre Pressure, Loose wheels / Handle Bar.

What to Wear.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable but do not forget that safety and wellbeing has to come into the equation. Knicks do help with comfort and control over lactic acid, a bright top for safety, Gloves for comfort and safety Goggles and a face cover to stop insects getting into your mouth when breathing heavy uphill (especially in spring when bugs are out in force)

What to Carry.

Food and Water.

The thing that you will miss most is actually free to some extent. Yes Water always carry enough water, some do carry so called energy drinks ( Most are nothing but a soft drink with a fancy name, ask someone about them before you use them) you still need to carry plain water as your body needs it. A banana or muesli bar or two are a better option.


Always carry a tool bag containing: A Puncture Kit,  Tyre Levers, Spare Tube, Alan Key Set and Small Shifter.


Tips to make riding into a headwind easier.

Slip Streaming.

Streaming is a very good way to conserve energy but everyone in the group, needs to take turns at being in the front so make sure your group knows how to do this before this idea is used as there are dangers if riders get too close to the bike in front. Many accidents have been caused by riders letting their front wheel come into contact with the rear wheel of the bike in front of them.

Spin a low gear.

Spinning is another great way to save on energy wasted before you do this though you need a bike that has a small front gear so look at the crank if it has say 52 - 42 no good but 52 - 36 or better still a triple crank similar to what is on a mountain bike with 52 - 42 - 32 like I have well you are set.

Get your head down.

This also needs to be learned so when there is no wind try lowering your head and shoulders by bending your elbow or use the lower grip on drop bars.

Plan your ride

Winds are part of life and even when you take the time to plan your ride to minimise the effect.  I always try to ride into the wind so hopefully get a tail wind on the way back. Be aware that you could still finish up with a head wind in both directions on a there and back ride.

Accept it.

 Yeah wind is part of outdoor activities and riding into the wind will make you a stronger rider, so on windy days start calling windy days, training or fitness days, above all by accepting the wind you will enjoy your ride.