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Olympicycle has a long history so I hope you do not think I am bragging when you finish reading this interesting page. Being aware of this I am only going to give you necessary items as they happened.

I was going to give you a year by year historical account but decided to just tell you the story.

So here goes hope you all enjoy it. About 1992 I had sold my old business and we moved into a new house so I started looking for something else to do and I found this Bicycle Hire business for sale and looking at the price stock and prospect I bought it.

After adding Bicycle Tours and couching young athletes and a few other changes the business was absolutely flying but i had a few hours free every morning so I took a flower run from the markets to flower shops. while in the newly named Bicycle Hire I also expanded to making bicycles and tricycles for handicapped people. We also had Pedalcars and another Invention the Duotandem. The management of the park started telling me how and what to hire etc so the Pedalcars and the Duotandems had so I t6old him to mind his own business and as we were looking at moving to the southern table lands to start building a youth camp for "Youth Camps of Australia" a project that sadly never came to fruition.

So we decided to move to Goulburn and start a Bicycle Shop there While we have been in Goulburn we have i hope made a difference to this town somehow We did run Youth Groups and started something that was very foreign to this country town, A Rock Mass it ran for a few years but eventually it also came to an end. We started the "Tour de NSW" 2100 Kilometres in 21 days with 1 rest day, this ride raised a lot of money for youth charities etc.

In Goulburn we did the hire sales repairs design and manufacture for the handicapped and also did coaching with one exceptional young lady who at 14 I think won a Bronze Medal at the Sydney Youth Olympics.

So getting to today here I am simplifying this web page so I can sell some of my stock as now I am 69 and I have too much stock.

Many thanks to all who joined in in my little journey and thanks to my Wife Alba for all her support.

Thank you all

Paul A Agius

. This is the logo for Bright Sparks the Social Riding Group I run here in Goulburn we have weekly and monthly rides happening all the time no member ship but riders do need to be Insured, self reliant and wear safety colour top, helmet etc


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