Lease of bicycle and Gym Equip to Resorts

We are no longer offering this service but we are willing to help you start something. Please contact Paul


Do you own a Resort, Restaurant, Souvenir Shop, Cafe etc. where tourists could be looking for  Rental bicycle so they could go for a ride? Well we can help you keep those customers happy and make some money at the same time, All you need to do is read our agreement and price list and we can have say 10 Mtb with front suspension at you establishment inside a week.

Just look at the equipment etc.

 We will deliver the bikes, Helmets, a frame to stand them in while displaying them, and a bike hire sign. All you have to do is display the bikes, make sure they are visible, rent them and collect the money at the end of the day you put them away safely for the night and start again in the morning we look after everything else.

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