"We are no longer doing any Wholesale but if you are interested in taking over some of the brands we will help you. Contact Paul".


Olympicycle Wholesale range includes all of our self manufactured products plus quality imported lines. We welcome your enquiry just click on the link

Liquid latex

Puncture protection. Works with Tubed and Tubeless tyres very easy to use and last for the life of the tube,

you can actually fix existing punctures and it will fix future punctures.

This product is Latex and so natural to the rubber product it is designed to protect

 Duo Tandems

   Tandem cycles with a side by side riding setup so one steering but four pedals. This is very exiting to ride.

We Sometimes do take one on our mobile hire trailer. Please check available days with us.

This particular Duo tandem did Sydney to Gong at least four times and raised a lot of money for MS.

Special bikes

Specially designed bikes for disabled people. Outriggers and Tricycles

Pedal cars

    Four Wheeled pedal Cars for one or two riders with a 'car style' riding position

Omen Clothing

Sports style clothes for the adrenaline junkie 

Safety Gear

 Helmets, gloves, pads and more

Bicycle Seats

High quality racing cycle seats for the serious sportsperson


  Sports Store

Fittings, Racks, Hangers, Workbenches for bicycle and sporting goods stores. Retail space is expensive we can help you utilize your space better, have less damage to stock and make it more visible which will help with your bottom line.


Wholesale Customers; please contact us direct with the links below

Retail Customers; please use this web page for information about our products, you can contact your local bike shop to purchase any item. To find the nearest bicycle shop please click here to take you to our Bike Shop directory or contact us direct through link below